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Lilian González-González

Industrial Design Academic Coordinator at Anáhuac University of México / Board Member at World Design Organization

Lilián is an Industrial Designer, Academic coordinator at the Anahuac University of México, and a Board member of the World design organization.

A Ph.D. candidate in Critical Theory about “Social design experience”, a certificate speciality in Critical Theory about Disability and inclusion. With a Master’s degree in Contemporary art and a Speciality certificate in art in Florence, Italy.

She had the opportunity to work as a designer in the industry and as a professor in several Universities and cities around Mexico. She also worked in General Electric Energy for 5 years, obtaining different certifications in the meantime about quality and design.

Also, was a Co-founder of Pecha-kucha Queretaro and organizer and curator for various International conferences, talks, symposiums, and exhibitions about art & design. Invited as a Jury in different international design awards, and as a speaker in Universities and congresses nationally and internationally.

Her Design research and development expertise is in Social design, inclusion, disability, esthetics, healthcare, arts & crafts, and sustainability.

Today she is a writer about philosophy, art, and design in magazines and books but also since 2008 in her blog: www.designforsociety.org

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