Dr. Alex King

AlexKingAtelier / Co-Founder

Dr. Alex King is an international designer and worked extensively in Hong Kong and Shanghai in the field of product design and telecommunication. He holds a Ph.D degree in design and a MBA in Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), specializing in universal design and participatory design research. He has received numerous international design awards including iF Design Award 2021, Red Dot Design Award 2020, Global Design Award 2019, Hong Kong Smart Design Award over the past two decades. He was an awarded designer in New Business Ideas Incubation Circle Convention, New World Development and took a Silver Prize from OPUS International Eyewear Design Competition 2010.

Dr. King has substantial experience in teaching. He teaches bachelor courses in PolyU and Vocational Training Council. He is the Chairman of Award & Exhibition Council at Hong Kong Designers Association, Honorary Secretary of Graphic Arts Association of Hong Kong and a product designer in the project “Opportunity for the Elderly” under the Social Welfare Department, HKSAR. He has been serving as a judging panel in several international design competitions since 2017. He believes in design and becomes an ethnographer studying day-to-day activities of older adults living alone with dementia in Hong Kong, striking a balance between research-based design and commercial practice.


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