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Christiane Bausback

N+P Innovation Design Munich / N+P Experience Design Vienna

Christiane Bausback is Head of Design and CEO N+P Innovation Design Munich and N+P Experience Design Vienna. Working with a broad range of companies from startups to global brands, Christiane focuses on creating holistic solutions that build businesses and create memorable user experiences. With a background in traditional craftsmanship, the development of both physical and digital products, as well as managing a design agency, Christiane has a deep and unique understanding of customer and brand interaction. Her work has been internationally recognized and she has served as a juror for multiple national and international Design Awards.

Since 1970 N+P has been designing high-tech products for public transportation, professional electronics and high-end consumer products, medical equipment and rehabilitation, as well as graphic, interaction and service solutions. Our goal is to constantly question established norms, design products that surpass the user’s expectations and perfectly meet the manufacturing and distribution requirements – developing new concepts and shaping visions.
Parallel to her professional activities, she is also lecturing mainly in Germany and Switzerland. Many of her designs have received numerous national and international design awards.

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