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2023 Achievements in Design: A Year in Review

January 15, 2024

ePDA has always been built on exceptional designs and the award winning designers who create them. With each coming year, new designs continue to push the envelope of what is possible. We are committed to highlighting achievements in design and bringing them to a prominent audience in Europe. These designs will not only help change the world but will inspire many to continue to work creatively and with innovation.

As we look forward to 2024, let us look back on 2023. A message from Aline Martins, the ePDA program director: “The EPDA has always been seeking out truly visionary product designers who aim to improve our daily lives with practical and well-thought-out creations. We are proud to honor professionals, both established and emerging, who tirelessly strive for life changing results. With hundreds of different and exclusive categories, we are pleased to announce that the ePDA 2023 is one of the most comprehensive design awards that reacts upon today’s creative scene for product design.

2022 Winners at the House of Lucie Budapest

One of the many perks of winning one of the design awards is the exhibition of your work to a global audience. The 2022 winners exhibition was held in Budapest, Hungary this year and featured the work of the top designers in Architecture, Interior Design, Product Design, Fashion, and Graphics design. Below are the interviews and work of this last year’s best design work.

Innovation of the Year 2022 - Pierrick Pichaureaux

Based on conventional motorcycle design but with a futuristic twist, CONCEPT-E is a new innovator in the world of electric bikes. Designed to be used in high density traffic, CONCEPT-E excels at weaving between lanes while being completely zero emission.

Electric bike plugged into an outlet on a stand.

“We wanted to turn the motorcycle design in a new area, with codes from product design. We didn’t need a large chassis for the engine, we didn’t need space to integrate the exhausts. So the main idea was to create a lightweight design that gives you the feeling it’s easy to ride and attracts you.

We were largely inspired by the supermotos which have a high seat position, sleek wheels but with codes coming from the motocross field as visible forks.”

Full interview:

A futuristic ferry floats above the water.

Product Design of the Year 2022 - Studio Bela Design

ELECTRA is a fully electric, zero emission, sustainably designed ferry. It can travel twice the distance as a normal electric ferry and at twice the speed. This design is a mere glimpse into what the future holds for electric vehicles. 

“For the design task it was difficult to create a design that visually communicates the innovation behind ELECTRA but still looks familiar enough not to scare people away. It needs to look safe and trustworthy, but also new and exciting. We used the MAYA principle for this project in order to create a vessel that is iconic and distinctive but not too crazy to be misunderstood. The EPDA award is a testimony that we hit our goal and did a great job developing a visual language for ELECTRA.”

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Emerging Product Design of the Year 2022 - Karim Hisham

Morph is a 3D printed fully customizable prosthetic that is unique to each individual user. Not only is it cheaper than other prosthetics, it also is able to capture energy as the user moves and store this energy for later.

Three unique prosthetics sit on three colored cubes.

“I was born and raised in Egypt, like many African countries. It's a developing country where some individuals cannot afford a proper prosthesis that fits the environment they live in or can help them complete everyday tasks.

So the goal was to make a prosthesis that costs less than the standard (SACH) prosthesis model. While having an energy storing foot.”

Full Interview: 

Trade Shows

One of the most prestigious awards that ePDA gives is announced yearly at the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC). The ‘Best of Show’ award is given to only the most innovative and interesting concept at each of these trade shows and is highly coveted worldwide. See a selection of images and companies from the trade show and an example of the fantastic work they are committed to doing. 

Entrance to HKTDC
Inside of HKTDC.
Inside HKTDC.

Press Mentions

As one of the most intense international design awards, we love when our award winning designers get the recognition they deserve. See below for some of the press mentions of the winners from the prestigious design awards.