Lexus Rear Seat Entertainment System by Aspireli

Top Innovations of 2023: The Winners of the European Product Design Award

February 21, 2024

As one of the top design contests worldwide, the ePDA jury searches only for the top innovations and most boundary pushing designs each year. The ePDA jury honors these products not only to highlight the creativity and hard work, but to advance the appreciation of product design across the industry. Below are some of the 2023's most revolutionary designs that will advance our society both aesthetically and technologically.

Product Design of the Year

Automobili Pininfarina PURA Vision by Davide Loris “Dave” Amantea

In this sleek and futuristic design, Product Design of the Year winner Davide Loris Amantea has created a new concept for luxury electric cars. Drawing from their long lineage of automobiles, Pininfarina has created something timeless.

futuristic car sits in a shadowy green garden

Innovation of the Year

Voltera Nova Flexible Electronics Printer by Joseph Hofer

A new benchmark for 3D printing, the Voltera Nova utilizes direct-write extrusion printing. This allows the user to print soft and flexible electronic pieces into specific areas and nowhere else. This opens the door for limitless possibilities in printing and encourages the creation of new designs not previously practical without this technology.

A sleek gray and black designed printer.

Design for Humanity

Accessible Pushchair by Dario Canini

"Access Pushchair" creates accessibility for parents in a way that has never been done before. By modifying the brakes and pedals, lead designer Dario Canini was able to create a hybrid wheelchair that allows parents to attach to and push their child's stroller. 

Woman in wheelchair attaches her brake to a stroller with a baby.

Emerging Product Design of the Year

Hooked by Milan Bhullar

Designed by Milan Bhullar from Savannah College of Art and Design, "Hooked" combines beauty and functionality. Designed to be hung on a wall by a hook to save space, this side table also has a daring and unique form. The legs are made from a single slab of wood bent and formed to make a slithering seamless design.

Wooden stool with twisty bending legs

View the honor mentions, category winners, and country picks for yourself! From electrical vehicles, to prosthetics, to furniture, there is so much to explore amongst the 2023 ePDA winners. Don't miss out on seeing the highly inspiring and competitive works below.