EPICURSUS | multifunction wheelchair by Kao Ying-Kai

The Top Emerging Product Designers of 2023

April 30, 2024

In 2023, dozens of new and innovative designs were created by students all across the world. Being an emerging young designer comes with its own set of challenges compared to professional designers. Though they enjoy greater creative freedom compared to professional designers, university students often face limitations in how large the scope of their design can be. Despite this challenge, their designs stand out as remarkable achievements, showcasing the impressive creativity and innovation of budding artists.

A Slice of Speaker by Hu Zou

A hanging speaker design, this innovation makes speakers even more versatile and useful. No longer does a speaker have to sit on the ground it can be hung our brought anywhere.

Combining Tactile Learning Tool by Honest Love

Created by the team of designers 'Honest Love', these spheres can be used by autistic children to train their fine motor skills. Each sphere can break into parts and has 27 different tactile uses and sensations.

ATLAS by Shuaicheng Dong

ATLAS is an innovative new food delivery system that bridges that gap between suburban and urban. The specially made cart lets groceries be brought into city settings that lack grocery stores.

Brease by Zhiben Zheng

Lead designer Zhiben Zheng and his team Lorenzo Longieri, Ece Nur Temel, Iwana Raydan, Mirjam Höchst, Yanqianfang Sun have created a new house attachment. Requiring no energy, the panels are able to grow plants and provide thermal properties to the house.

SHAN by Yizhou Han and Linhan Yang

A new innovation in eating and food storage, SHAN is a self heating container. The box unfolds into a table cloth set up and then heats the food while you wait. The box is reusable and requires no electricity to run, just a chemical heating reaction.

Each year, new and promising young people submit their works to be viewed by the esteemed EPDA jury. The most exciting process is to see how far these boundaries are being pushed and what is in store for the next generation. As these exquisite designers grow and learn we are all lucky as they create new, amazing, and even life saving products.

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