The ION Digital Scent Device by OVR Technology

The Latest and Greatest in Wearable Technology

March 25, 2024

As technology continues to advance, we have redefined how and where it can be used. Many of the new innovations and designs highlighted by the EPDA jury feature a wearable and interactive component. With the integration of VR and similar technologies into the mainstream, both professional and student designers are increasingly venturing into innovative endeavors. These designs not only offer luxury but also have the potential to save lives.Let us look at some of the best innovation in design from the last year.

The ION Digital Scent Device by OVR Technology

Combining new 'scentware' technology with 3D printing, OVR Technology was able to create a device where the user can experience both virtual scent and sight. With their proprietary software, the device can be used with nearly any already developed content with their easy to use developer tools.

TÜLIP by ITERATE Design + Innovation

TÜLIP is a heart monitoring device for women that sits bedside. The device has a detachable bracelet that has an oximeter that allows heart rate and blood oxygen levels to be checked. This device allows tracks data over long periods of time to give the best health care possible.

Vasco Translator E1 by Vasco Electronics Góralski Group S.K.A.

The Vasco Translator E1 is an earpiece that translates over forty nine languages in real time. The earpiece also connects to an app that records and translates the conversation and saves it to look at later.

Aquilo Cooling Wristband by Lúcid Design Agency

A sportswear bracelet that athletes can wear to cool down faster. Made of a special Aquilo foam, the bracelet supports the body's natural cooling system and helps with overheating.

SmartHat by Proxgy

The SmartHat is a tech infused safety helmet designed to increase workplace safety. The helmet is made for construction workers, coal miners, and other industries. The helmet is able to monitor the users surroundings and alert them if they are in any danger.

Iris by Duiyuliu Studio

The Iris glasses by Duiyuliu studio combine style and AI to create glasses for the visually impaired. The glasses can read out and identify objects to the wearer and can also read text as well. The glasses are easy to use and are controlled through voice commands so you can work with your hands and use the glasses simultaneously. 

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