Sustainability Trends for your Kitchen

September 23, 2020

As the world strives to move towards sustainable living, more and more individuals and companies are making changes on their products, systems and services. With this, the development of innovative solutions is well under way and these efforts are not left unnoticed by reputable awarding bodies recognizing the best in product design.

Starts at Home

The kitchen has the most usage when it comes to energy and not to mention has the most yield when it comes to waste on a daily basis. On a global scale, our waste accumulates at about 1.3 billion tons of food annually, that is according to the Food and Agriculture Organization or FAO of the United Nations.

The Stats

High water usage is another sustainable concern when it comes to the kitchen. In a case study in four European countries conducted by Richter, C.P. and Stamminger, R., dishwashing covers at least half of the daily water consumption per person. With an average of 58% for the 4 countries.

The Trends

Sustainability Drives Innovation. We’ve got a list of the winners from European Product Design Award to

1. Waste Management - Lotus Composter

Lead Designer: Kennedy Castelli

If you live in a condominium or an apartment complex having a waste treatment right in your very home seems far fetched due to the limited space. But, with the Lotus Composter the possibility of zero-waste lifestyle becomes achievable with its compact design that can have you composting right in your flat. The perfect device to place into your kitchen where you can turn your vegetable and fruit peelings or other spoiled leftovers into the compost container.

The design is similar to a salad spinner that is sealed with two lids which allow the internal bucket to turn safely without spilling its contents. While the outer bucket captures the waste materials.

2. Efficient and Recyclable - The C3

Lead Designer: Joshua Latner

Ergonomically designed with efficiency in mind, the C3 is a great prototype on how domestic kitchen space can be utilized in the future. With only 3 meters in length, it allows the flow of food preparation accurately and fast. With just an arm’s reach you can cook and prepare food just like a pro-chef at home.

You’ll enjoy the exceptional kitchen design up to 30 years of its lifespan and the C3 is made from a material with high recyclable content.

3. Food Sustainability - ERBA

Lead DesignerManuela Arroyave

Winner: Winner in Home Interior Products/Kitchen Accessories/Tabletop

With a fresh and simple design, it’s a humble item to keep in your kitchen. The ERBA is a fresh herb keeper that balances the water, oxygen and humidity to maintain the fresh flavor of live herbs.

It comes with three parts namely the glass keeper, the ceramic bottom and the pump/mist dispenser. The design allows you to have access to fresh herbs in your kitchen without worrying its shelf life expiration. The novel concept makes way for new equipment and systems that allow to prolong the life cycle of organic food in a healthy and environmentally-friendly approach.

4. Water-Saving - Eco-Dishwasher

Prizes: Silver in Cleaning Products/Cleaning Sponge/brush, Silver in Home Interior Products/Kitchen Appliances

Company: Rezi Microfaserprodukte Gmbh, Austria

Lead Designer: Walter Intemann

Saving water can be done in the smallest of ways. The Eco-dishwasher is rather an ingenious device that can scrape off leftover particles efficiently, which can’t be done by purely wiping away. This eliminates the need to use water when pre-washing, saving valuable drinking water.

Its beautiful design is shaped like a water drop that comes with a silicone material. The scraper comes in four eye-popping colors.

5. Reduce Food Wastage - Sustainability Family Farm

Prizes: Winner in Design for Society/Design for Sustainability, Winner in Home Interior Products/Household appliances

Lead Designer: Chaozhi Lin

A home garden seems more viable than ever as self-sufficiency has its advantages such as being ecological responsible and having access to sustainable, safe and healthy produce.

We may not realize it but the food wastage is a major contributor to climate change. With the third of the world’s food supplies are sent as waste, we are looking at 1.3 billion tons of wasted food in 2019 alone.

With Sustainability Family Farm, allows people to plant right in their homes. With a compact and efficient design, it can process food anywhere at home. The design turns food waste into compost. It has 6 plots available for planting and at the end is a container where food waste is placed and processed with one-touch control panel adjustments.