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2020 / Design For Society / Design for Sustainability / Student

Sustainable family farm

  • Prizes
    Winner in Design for Society/Design for Sustainability, Winner in Home Interior Products/Household appliances
  • Lead Designer
    Chaozhi Lin
  • Design Team
    Chaozhi Lin,Junjie Zhou,Yong Liu, Can Wang,Jiashun Lin
  • University
    Beijing Institute of Technology,zhuhai

1.3 billion tons of food was wasted in 2019.This device allows people to plant it themselves, so that they can actually experience the process of food formation. The raw materials for planting come from food waste compost produced by their own households and household waste of water. Moreover, the place of processing is at home. Every family is a fixed closed loop, and people can use the waste of life directly to complete the planting at home. Let people experience this process by themselves, and ultimately reduce waste and form a green space for processing in the home.

Photo Credit: Chaozhi Lin