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2020 / Home Interior Products / Kitchen Appliances / Professional

The C3

  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Home Interior Products/Kitchen Appliances
  • Company
    Marrone+Mesubim, Italy
  • Lead Designer
    Joshua Latner
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Ph: Marco Talladira; Brent Darb; Vlad Voskresensk

The C3 is THE future of cooking because it elevates the domestic kitchen environment into a space of socialisation, exploration, improvement and well-being.
The study of all the stages and flows of food preparation resulted in this three meters long and all at arm’s reach counter, designed for speed and accuracy, comfort and functionality to cook with the same levels of agility as a pro-chef at home.
Skilfully put together by Marrone’s ability to work steel in a true artisan way, the C3 has a projected lifespan of 30 years and a high percentage of material recyclability once disposed.

Photo Credit: Marrone+mesubim
Credits: Ph: Marco Talladira; Brent Darb; Vlad Voskresensk