The Twin Bath

10 Exceptional Children’s Goods from ePDA 2022

March 2, 2023

The 2022 European Product Design Awards recognized various cutting-edge and incredibly practical product ideas, from a baby heartbeat monitor to a twin bath. All of the goods are designed to assist parents in dealing with contemporary issues and provide convenient answers to these regular challenges. In order to highlight all the designs that were made to please what is best for kids in terms of safety, quality, and pleasure, we have chosen some of the most amazing products to show you in this selection.


baby camera

EZVIZ BM1 Baby Camera - Ding Wang, Weike Zhu

The BM1 baby monitor from EZVIZ is an innovative tool with smart design that focuses child safety and makes parental responsibilities easier. The camera has a nice design made of non-toxic materials and has security features driven by AI to assist parents in providing better care for their infants. In order to ease daily protection, alert on emergencies, and lessen separation anxiety that any parent may face, EZVIZ intends to offer a brand-new approach to smart parenting with the product.


Nuna AACE™ lx - Nuna Team

AACE lx is a booster car seat for kids between the heights of 100 and 150 cm. It boasts a 3D growth system that is specifically made to grow with the child to provide a comfortable and safe ride, and it can be safely attached in the car using the integrated, adjustable Isofix system. Because to the open design and low profile of the seat, kids can jump in and buckle up on their own, encouraging independence and relieving parents of the responsibility of ensuring their child rides securely. The child's safety is guaranteed while multi-layer protection, elastic, shock-absorbing polymers, and high-quality materials assure optimal comfort.


children car seat
The Twin Bath

The Twin Bath - Matthew Conley

The Twin Bath is the first bathing device created specifically for newborn twins, aged 0 to 6 months. Throughout and after pregnancy, the mother and siblings form strong emotional relationships. The tool is intended to strengthen this link by allowing the twins to comfort each other physically while simultaneously providing the parent or caregiver with a clear line of sight. The mother's twisting is unpleasant because more than half of twin births occur through C-Section. To help people with limited mobility, the unit is front facing to the user and simple to set up and maintain. Each baby should be supported independently in the water to increase safety.


Nuna TRVL™ - Nuna Team

The TRVL is a lightweight, maneuverable stroller made for simple baby travel. It folds into a small, self-standing box with the touch of a button, making it simple to transport with the carry strap. TRVL is incredibly lightweight without sacrificing quality. The child and basket can be accessed easily thanks to the open design. The ventilation is aesthetically incorporated into the soft goods lines while maintaining the frame's aggressive visual aesthetic and overall streamlined appearance. The revolutionary magnetic, self-guiding buckle, which is made to complement the style of the TRVL and Nuna, instantly locks into place and simplifies harnessing.


baby stroller
water bottle for kids


A 14-ounce stainless steel insulated water bottle called Coupé is made for children to carry to school, camp, sports, outings, in the car, or beside the bed. Due to the likelihood that children's water bottles may become soiled, Coupé's design is built on simplicity and has fewer parts that are simple to disassemble and wash. Kids may choose from a variety of color options for Coupé and a set of letters, and they'll enjoy stringing the letters together to add their names to the strap. Kids can identify their bottles with the help of the braided textile strap, which is fastened to the metal clip at the back. - bonding between premature born and parents - Aleksandra Radlak

Every year, over 15 million preterm births occur around the world. They are taken from their parents as soon as they are born and placed in the NICU, where opportunities for bonding are few. A product called permits communication between parents and infants in incubators. The baby and mother can feel each other's touches thanks to a connection between a parent gadget and an infant mattress that gathers, transmits, and receives information on touch, breast movement, heartbeat, and body heat. This two-way interaction provides the opportunity for longer, natural skin-to-skin bonding both within and outside the NICU. - bonding between premature born and parents
kids toothpaste

Oh! Toothpaste - Huiyuan Zheng

The left sections of the toothpaste at the bottom are frequently ignored by us, resulting in waste, while we always squeeze toothpaste immediately from the middle and top parts for use. As a result, we gave the bottom of this toothpaste for kids a rounded form. We attempt to teach children not to waste toothpaste at the bottom by modifying their behavior at a young age by starting with the graphic sensitivity period of children's development. The elevated circle encourages children to squeezing out the toothpaste at the bottom.


The moonlike toy guardian - YUXIN YANG

The moon-like toy guardian allowed the collecting to also turn into a game in order to encourage children's habit of picking up toys. It can be used by kids as a delivery window, similar to a "goal," or it can be positioned at an angle on the ground for friend games. An interior net storage bag allows for the easy storing of frequently used toys. Children should enjoy themselves both before and after playing!


kids toy
ribs for kids

Ribs Guardian - Somin Park

The risk of a child falling off furniture increases before the age of five since youngsters under five find it difficult to maintain their own balance. Parents cannot be with their kids all day. Instead of placing the infant in a different room where a bed or cradle is in, The Ribs Guardian is a chair that lets the youngster stay safe whenever they are in their parents' sight or not. A backrest with a rounded form is evocative of a rib safety feature that prevents children from falling off chairs. In addition, Ribs Guardian is a multipurpose chair that may be utilized as a lounge chair, a child's chair, or an infant crib.


Recording Stars-educational toy to help autistic children build emotional connections - Che Jiang

For kids with autism, there is an educational device called Recording Star that functions something like a recorder. The item is a collection of balls with various constructions and aesthetics. When using the product, both parents and children must work together. Parents recorded their children's facial expressions as they experienced extreme mood swings in response to music, sound, etc. Children's emotional perception would then be developed at this time, and they may later revisit the recorded footage.


educational toy for kids

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