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2022 / Children Products / Children Products / Student

Ribs Guardian

  • Prizes
    Winner in Children Products/Children Products
  • Lead Designer
    Somin Park
  • Design Team
    Somin Park, Jemin Yoon
  • University
    Pukyong National University

Parents cannot be with their children all day long, and children before the age of five, who are hard to keep balance themselves, always are at risk of falling off furniture. The Ribs Guardian is a chair that helps the child stay safe whenever they are in their parents' sight or not, rather than putting the child in another room where a bed or cradle is in. A round-shaped backrest is reminiscent of a rib safety device that helps the child not fall off the chair. Moreover, Ribs Guardian is a multi-functional chair that can be used as an infant bed, children's chair, or lounge chair.

Photo Credit: Somin Park