Design for Humanity 2022 / Life Science Design / Professional

The COVVI Hand

  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Life Science Design/Aids/Prosthetics
  • Company
    COVVI Ltd, United Kingdom
  • Lead Designer
    COVVI Ltd
  • Design Team
    Rob Spares, Paul Smithson, David McCrickard, Awais Hussain, Simon Pollard
  • Client
    COVVI Ltd
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  • Other credit
    Photos Of Ashley Young By Lorenzo Guerrieri
The COVVI Hand combines modular design with advanced functionality and technology, to provide an unrivalled user experience. And its powerful level of customisable refinement makes users “feel like a badass superhero.”

It’s the first upper-limb prosthesis with twenty-four-seven remote programming support, negating the need to visit clinic. And it is the ONLY one to harvest real-time information from the user to understand how individuals are benefiting from the prosthesis, enabling greater customisation for the individual, as well as added functionality to patients across the board.

COVVI’s goal is to deliver a world-leading prosthetic hand with users and clinicians at its heart. Working together, we have developed an in-depth understanding and a sincere appreciation for how difficult prostheses are to use, and their limitations. But, we believe we can action real positive change to the many lives of upper-body prosthetic users forever.

Our COVVI Hand combines modular design with advanced functionality, technology, and remote programming support to provide an unrivalled user experience with a powerful level of customisable refinement, both for now and the future.

Other prizes
New York Product Design Awards – Gold Future Digital Awards – Gold International Design Excellence Awards (IDEAs) – Finalist (final result TBA) SME National Business Awards – Finalist (final result TBA) Medilink Healthcare Business Awards – Finalist

Photo Credit: Covvi Ltd
Credits: Photos of Ashley Young by Lorenzo Guerrieri