Design Innovation of the Year 2021 / Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Professional

Waldwiesel - the first 3D-printed E-Gravel Bike

  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Outdoor and Exercise Equipment/Bicycle and Bicycle Accessories
  • Company
    Urwahn Engineering GmbH, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Sebastian Meinecke
  • Other credit
    Photo By: Urwahn Engineering Gmbh
Urwahn Bikes has designed the first 3D-printed Gravel E-Bike and taking the outdoor mobility to a whole new level of biking.
We have fully exploited the potential of 3D printing technology. Therefore the innovative frame design of the Waldwiesel is unparalleled and especially the elastic rear end guarantees flexibility for a unique riding comfort. Paired up with numerous technical refinements, such as GPS tracking, integrated LED light units and even an inconspicuously integrated powerful electric drive, makes hunting through the woods with the Waldwiesel to a visual and functional pleasure.

Urwahn is a crazy team of lateral thinkers and pioneers, consciously breaking with traditions and thinking outside the box! The name Urwahn is not without reason composed of the terms URban and WAHNsinnig - insane. With an interdisciplinary composition from Designjunkies, CAD-Jongleuren, mark virtuosos, customer magnets, slide rules & code lovers we succeeded in a symbiosis from various authority, which mutually respect and estimate each other. We strive for perfection and live the beauty and simplicity down to the smallest detail.

Other prizes
Green Product Award 2021 Red Dot Design Award 2021: Product Design 3D Pionier Challange Award 2020: Mobility Taipeh Internation Design Award 2020: Circular Design Red Dot Design Award 2019: Best of the Best Expowanted Winner 2019

Photo Credit: Urwahn Engineering Gmbh
Credits: Photo by: Urwahn Engineering GmbH