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2021 / / Professional


  • Company
    Innova Industrial Design, Spain
  • Lead Designer
    Rafael Villar Laguna
  • Client
  • Project Link

The Tracker SF8 is an electronic control device for the orientation of solar panels.This product is the result of SOLTEC’s commitment to design as a tool for solving challenges.The set of solutions applied to the SF8 is not only limited to the control device, but also covers the optimization in time and cost of the anchoring system to the structure.For its installation two people and 15min were necessary,now it is a single person.This reduction in time takes importance when the units to be installed are 100,000 u/year.The system is composed of Tracker, fixing magnets and gripping claws.

We put our resources and ecosystem at the service of the client to ensure the project is materialized properly to create an optimal user experience.

Industrial design and product development agency. Since its creation in 2003, Innova Industrial Design has worked in a wide range of sectors generating competitive products and strengthening our clients’ brands. Our objective is to use design to make the company’s strengths tangible through design, working towards an optimal user experience.

Other prizes
German Design Award 2018, Premio IF 2020, Bronze Delta 2020, Bronze Delta 2022, Good Design Honorable Mention 2021.

Photo Credit: Innova Industrial Design