2021 / / Professional


  • Company
    Ul-Az, Serbia
  • Lead Designer
    Milan Rankovic
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Multix is a multifunctional urinal(pissoir) designed for large public places, such as bus stations, railway stations, airports, restaurants and other, where people are in hurry and where they don't stay for too long. This is a urinal, hand washer and a hand dryer, all in one. The idea is to reduce the consumption of materials and put everything into a single product. And the most important thing is to take care of water consumtion, because there is less water every day, especially drinking water. The user first urinates, then puts his hands under the metal battery when the sensor releases the

Milan Rankovic was born on January, 20 1986 in Smederevo. Having graduated from Junior High School he enrolls at School for Design, department for industrial and interior design in Belgrade and graduates in 2005. Following that, he enrolls at Academy for aplied arts, department for industrial desing in Belgrade.
After graduating from Faculty of applied arts in Belgrade in industrial design, I was employed by private companies in which I peformed the tasks closely related to my field of education. In addition, I'm currently employed in a public institution, first as a head of the marketing de

Other prizes
2017 CEI Prize at International Design Contest “Trieste Contemporanea” 2018-2019 Finalist Roca Internacional Design Contest 2021 SILVER MUSE Design Award

Photo Credit: Ul-az