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2021 / / Professional

0xEAE Boost

  • Company
    Obstructures & Electronic Audio Experiments, United States
  • Lead Designer
    J Snyder, N Matteson, B Johnson, M Hall

The 0xEAE Boost is designed to be a robust, modular, and extensible pedal platform both inside and out. Inside the Boost is an artistic misappropriation of an early 1970s phono preamplifier built around a discrete operational amplifier topology—along with protection from over-voltage, reverse polarity, and electrostatic discharge. Outside is an enclosure designed around maximum separation between precision controls and stomp switches, and a low center of gravity for maximum stability—while also paying homage to the context of historical design innovations such as Tone Benders and Fuzz Faces.

Photo Credit: Obstructures & Electronic Audio Experiments