2021 / / Professional

Design for everyone

  • Company
    Stefano Pasotti, Italy
  • Lead Designer
    Stefano Pasotti
  • Design Team
    Federico Bastiani, Eleonora Rossi, Michela Rossi
  • Client
    Every students
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  • Other credit
    Photo By Nicola Tirelli

This project was developed in the months of lockdown. We have created a YouTube channel that deals with the world of design at 360 °.Within the channel there are different playlists where a student or a professional in the sector can study. You can find the interview carried out with various designers and companies such as: LEGO, MoMa, Pirelli, Giovanna Castiglioni, Eames Demetrios, Moroso, Alessandro Guerriero and many others. This channel has become essential for helping students, and is currently functioning, and constantly changing

Photo Credit: Stefano Pasotti
Credits: Photo By Nicola Tirelli