2020 / / Professional


  • Company
    InnoSphere Ltd., Hong Kong
  • Lead Designer
    Steve Yeung & Maurice Kwok
  • Design Team
    Kurt Fan, Winky Mak, Elle Yeung
  • Client
    Artisana Ltd.
  • Project Link

**Overcome the Social Challenge** The outbreak of coronavirus causes mask-wearing to be a daily manner. By just 3 seconds, MASKEEPER lets user store the medical mask into a business card-sized package.
Since surgical mask is in limited supply, and at lunchtime, people use tissue papers and envelopes that used to warp used masks creates a great waste handling burden to frontline staff of restaurants.
This observation triggered us to think of a neat, tidy and hygiene way to temporarily keep the mask in a handy manner - the MASKEEPER.

Photo Credit: Innosphere Ltd.