2020 / / Professional


  • Company
    Leea Toys, Romania
  • Lead Designer
    Dan Popa
  • Client
    Leea Toys
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  • Other credit
    Photos By Catalin Nastase

Leoleo is a hyper functional piece of furniture designed for a small child's care, education, skills development and entertainment. It consists of a few parts that can be recombined in many ways, thus obtaining different functionalities. Functions are available by adding accessories. Leoleo can be an observation tower, a slide, activity desk, a rocking chair
By using the same parts in many ways, Leoleo saves storage space and raw material.
The activities Leoleo promotes are based on adult-child cooperation and aim to develop skills, promote physical movement and encourage child independence.

Photo Credit: Leea Toys
Credits: Photos by Catalin Nastase