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2020 / / Professional

CARBU Compass/Protractor

  • Company
  • Lead Designer
    Michael Dimou
  • Design Team
    Michael Dimou

The user can make multiple circles without measuring the distance of the opening of the legs with a ruler. The slim legs of the compass on the inside are clogged with discs-gears. The inner transparent case has two options – you can measure with degrees (for angles and arcs) and also without degrees for simpler things. The second transparent case that has a magnifying glass shows the distance between the two legs of the compass precisely.The discs also tell you if you are in compass mode or protractor mode.

With more than 7 years of experience in Mechanical Engineering and Design in projects in Europe, China and America. Until today, he specializes in product design, car concept, consumer products, technological solutions, marine products and bottling / packaging machines.

Passionate with design and engineering, trying to create a new world without boundaries.

In every stages of his working life, he learned: to think - to motivate - to create - to be alternative - to be innovative.

Photo Credit: Orange Circle Pte. Ltd.