2020 / / Professional

Peer Chair

  • Company
    Fig40, Canada
  • Lead Designer
    Lee Fletcher
  • Design Team
    Reece Bennett, Terence Woodside, Taylor DeRoo
  • Client
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  • Other credit
    Photos By: Geoff Shirley

Peer is a reinterpretation of a traditional 2 position library chair. From a seated position the chair rocks forward into a more active position. From these 2 states, a compelling form geometry emerges, reinforced by observing positive and negative spaces in architecture, especially modern libraries and museums which are spaces these chairs are intended for. The form is crisp and lightweight. The negative space created by the frame implies that the chair is penetrating the ground. The heritage of the traditional chair can be felt through the hardwood in a thoroughly modern form.

Photo Credit: Fig40
Credits: Photos by: Geoff Shirley