2020 / / Professional


  • Company
    TECHOCHEF, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
  • Lead Designer
    Nima Bavardi
  • Design Team
    Mohammad Ghasemzadeh, Rasool Faghani
  • Other credit
    Renders By Nima Bavardi

S1300 is a smart vending machine with the ability to serve from a wide range of meals, with no human operator intervention. The users can pick up from 700 hygienic nutritious with excellent taste portions in heated up in few minutes ready to use.
Dots are programmed red LEDs that lit up softly during the preparation of the food. When dots are fully on, the food is ready and ejects from the cap which is located beside the payment plate. The rhythm of the red dots is inspired by the heartbeats cardiogram. It reminds the health and makes an emotional connection between the machine and its users.


Other prizes
A'Design Award, IDA Design Award, EPDA, IDIRAN Design Award, Azerbaijan Design Award

Photo Credit: Techochef
Credits: Renders by Nima Bavardi