2020 / / Student


  • Lead Designer
    Bao Liyuan ,Young Hwan Pan
  • Design Team
    Zhai Weiming, XuLe, ZhaoJian, Zhu Qiming, Liao Pengcheng, ChenXin, Qin Zhicong, Qing Qihao
  • University
    Kookmin University

A cup with a hole is designed to protect the blind from hot water burns.Blind people are a group that needs more care .Their sense of security and well-being are guaranteed by small details.A small move that the blind man pouring boiled water,may accidentally cause them a lot of trauma.Blind people feel the height of the water through touch,but the boiled water can not be directly touched by hand.So we thought of an indirect way.open a hole in the handle held between the thumb and forefinger.Having reserved a safe area below the edge of cup,the blind feels high temperatur

Photo Credit: Bao Liyuan ,young Hwan Pan