2020 / / Professional

P.T Starlink PowerTRONEX X1

  • Company
    Faman(Shanghai) Technology Co.,Ltd, China
  • Lead Designer
    Harry-HongWei Yang
  • Design Team
    Pat-Zheng Cui,Jingjing Zheng,Huijie Xu,Jacky Liu
  • Client
    Faman(Shanghai) Technology Co.,Ltd
  • Other credit
    Photo By: Harry-hongwei Yang

P.T Starlink PowerTRONEX X1 is a power bank with a folding plug and a built-in Type C cable. It adopts an innovative indicator design:the light strip and shows the electricity in a unique way: red indicates dissipating power and blue indicates available power in the battery. As the power changes, the light shines wholly in a gradual changing color which shows vividly the power in a beautiful way. Also, a small light on the bottom will light up when rotating the plug, this is convenient when plugging it in the dark. With a minimalist look, it blends with surroundings well in daily life.

Photo Credit: Faman(shanghai) Technology Co.,ltd
Credits: Photo by: Harry-HongWei Yang