2020 / / Professional

Panettone box 'LESS'

  • Company
    Keiko Akatsuka & Associates, Japan
  • Lead Designer
    Keiko Akatsuka
  • Design Team
    Keiko Akatsuka & Associates
  • Client
  • University
    Joshi University of Art and Design

This is a paper box made for the Panettone shop in Japan. The box’s form is the Panettone like just baking from oven and also it as Origami. This time, we used to recycling paper producted from the pine tree in north of Japan for the box material. It’s the good combination each other because the Panettone is made from natural fermented seeds as well as using natural cycling. And We can figure out the Panettone while keeping in the box from its form. Why is the Origami type? The shop owner is two chefs, they are from Italy and Japan. We wanted to impress the fusion culture as design.

Based in Japan and EU.
I have a slogan 'Design like Perfume' which means a strong memory with my design philosophy. It's an important for the perfume, 'When' 'Where' 'Who' What' 'How'.
I hope to express such a story by my design.

Other prizes
2019 EUROPEAN PRODUCT DESIGN AWARD 2019 Silver DNA PARIS DESIGN AWARD 2019 Winner TOPAWARDS ASIA / 'SOFT' Winner2018 The Dieline Awards / 3rd place2017 Pentawards / Gold K-Desgin Awards / Gold The Graphis Design Annual 2018 / Silver2016 The Graphis Design Annual 2017 / PlatinumA'DESIGN AWARDS / Silver The Dieline Awards / 3rd placeHOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards / Merit WinnerTOPAWARDS ASIA / May Winner2015 The Diline awards / 3rd Place2014 Pentawards / GoldJapan Package Design Annual / Selected Tokyo Typo Director's Club Annua / Selected

Photo Credit: Keiko Akatsuka & Associates