2020 / / Professional

Caribou - Rethinking chandeliers

  • Company
    Foleydesigns Private Limited, India
  • Lead Designer
    Michael Foley
  • Design Team
    Foley Designs Innovation lab
  • Client
    Foley Designs Private Limited
  • Other credit
    Photograph By Abhay

A lighting installation designed using a confluence of craft and design built using a concept of a kit of parts. By smartly rethinking power transmission the lighting configuration becomes versatile for customization allowing a linear or radial array. This product expresses a blend of beauty and functionality by using ‘metal inlay’ both for aesthetics and for power transmission, thus eliminating wires completely. Each arm is machined in wood and assembled in a chosen shape. The concept opens up a range of solutions in terms of shape and form of the chandelier.

Photo Credit: Foleydesigns Private Limited
Credits: Photograph by Abhay