2020 / / Professional

The Entombment Collection: Object 1

  • Company
    Hdden Forms, Spain
  • Lead Designer
    César Bejarano
  • Design Team
    Gabriel Canedo García
  • Client
    Hdden Forms
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Object 1 is part of The Entombment: a collection of 3 functional pieces made from solid white ash. It is characterized by a seeming frailness, achieved by the juxtaposition of heavy and light elements and by the delicate touch between the components of the pieces and the pieces and the surface on which they stand.

The Greeks, unlike the Romans, always used columns structurally. Object 1 draws inspiration from the Greek column of the Doric order, which originated in wood. The table formally simplifies the weight-bearing column and takes it back to its wooden beginnings.

Hdden Forms designs and produces objects in wood. Using basic geometric shapes and a powerful combination of style, substance, and functionality, we make pieces that are formally simple but complex in their fabrication.

The name Hdden Forms comes from Michaelangelo’s famous words: “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”. We think the same of wood.

Photo Credit: Hdden Forms