2020 / / Student


  • Lead Designer
    Zhongyi SHU, Junyi CHEN
  • Design Team
    Chuanxin SHENG, Youpeng HU, Linyang HE
  • University
    Zhongshan Torch Polytechnic & Zhongshan Institute of Wuhan University of Technology

Inspired form seagull, it is a user-friendly fan lamp with an super-thin thickness and optimal optical technology. The fan leaves are as light as the wings of seagulls, while the LED light-emitting panel is like the beautiful arc of seagulls' abdomen, with 360mm wide-angle lighting. Moreover, The vivid form not only breaks the problems of heavy and unkindly in traditional market, but also brings a comfortable lighting experience to consumers. In addition, the wind speed, brightness, color temperature and scene mode can be also adjustment smoothly and intelligently.

Photo Credit: Zhongyi Shu, Junyi Chen