2020 / / Student


  • Lead Designer
    Qin Zhaohong
  • Design Team
    Wang Jun;Zhang Yu;;Zheng Liwen;Zhang Ting;Hu Miaodi;Ma Hongkun;Zhao Congcong;Zhang Yiming;Zhang Ziyue;Ma Yixuan
  • University
    Hebei University of Technology

Bread lamps bring a fresh taste to modern office desks and the obsolescence of life. Regardless of appearance and operation method, B-Light will trigger people's sense of smell, remove it from the lamp holder and place it anywhere you like-bed, desk, floor-this interesting "slice of bread" can illuminate you Lovely room in every corner. With its structured aesthetic appearance and high flexibility, it adds color to your dull life. Use the internal card slot to accurately attract the "slice of bread" to the lamp holder. Thanks to its charging function, it can work for a long time before putting

Photo Credit: Qin Zhaohong