2020 / / Student


  • Lead Designer
    Wei-Ting Wang
  • Design Team
    Chia-Jun Hung, Yu-Hsing Wu,
  • Other credit
    Advisor: Prof. Kai-chu Li
  • University
    Ming Chi University of Technology

ECO TUBE is a reusable tampon that brings an eco-friend option to the consumers. The product helps reduce reliance on plastics and risks of injuries associated with traditional tampons. The applicator made of titanium alloy and medical grade silicone. To use it, simply insert tampon into the applicator and push it into the vagina. The ECO TUBE comes with a portable UV sterilizer to keep your applicators safe and sanitary. Users may also connect it to a smartphone app to keep records of sterilization and set reminders to change the applicator.

Photo Credit: Wei-ting Wang
Credits: Advisor: Prof. Kai-Chu Li