2020 / / Professional


  • Company
    Can Arquitectos, Spain
  • Lead Designer
    Pablo Carballal
  • Design Team
    Pablo Carballal (design), Curvat (tubes bending), Luis Florido (Cushion), Lacados 2005 (paint)
  • Client
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Granadina is a female demonym and a cocktail ingredient. It refers to the calm that swings Andalusia and to a fruit with intense flavour and scarlet colour. It is also a rocking chair that gathers all this, offering it to its context, whether interior or exterior, becoming a characteristic and free-standing presence. Granadina is inspired in the traditional rocking chairs, built in vapor-bent wood and rattan net, and it reduces its ornamental curves to a studied and CNC produced minimum, reaching correct ergonomics, a nice and steady movement feeling and a unique and kind personality.

Photo Credit: Can Arquitectos