2020 / / Professional


  • Company
    March Gut Industrial Design OG, Austria
  • Lead Designer
  • Design Team
    Christoph March, Marek Gut, Daniel Mandel, Philipp Weinberger
  • Client
    Wever & Ducré
  • Other credit
    Ambient Pics: Wever&ducré / Otherr: March Gut
DARF draws light in form of a fine line following the principle of total reduction providing shadow-free illumination. The rod-LED lamp is inserted into sockets and suspended by cords to be used as a pendant or wall lamp at any height or inclination. Arranged individually,they illuminate rooms and workplaces in a simple and elegant way. A combination of several lamps enables the creation of unusual light sculptures. Technical features are that it can be plugged in directly so that only a simple cable can be seen. Also,since the lamps can be purchased separately, the packing size is very small.

Christoph March and Marek Gut founded studio MARCH GUT in 2010. The two designers pursue an interdisciplinary and integrative approach. Analytical in its methodology and keen to seek out new avenues, the studio’s work is consistently function-oriented. MARCH GUT marries new technologies with a commitment to sustainability and resource conservation. The ensuing insights and experience give rise to new developments of high aesthetic appeal in terms of both form and color. MARCH GUT is active in the fields of product and furniture design, the creation of exhibition facilities and interiors.

Other prizes
2019: Austrian Design Award - Kategorie Produktdesign - JOKA Crafted Collection Austrian Design Award - Kategorie Produktdesign Tisch - Kontur Serie Austrian Design Award - Kategorie Next Space - Fibra 2018: RED DOT - Exhibition Design - ARS Electronica Berlin 2016: RED DOT - Product Design - TRAPA Collection AIT Award - Best Interior and Architecture - Kategorie Retail - Weinblick, Feuersbrunn

Photo Credit: March Gut Industrial Design Og
Credits: ambient pics: wever&ducré / otherr: March Gut