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AmCAD-UO® Sleep Apnea Assessment System

  • Company
    AmCad BioMed Corp., Taiwan
  • Lead Designer
    Yili Lee
  • Design Team
    Dr. Argon Chen and the AmCad innovation team
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  • Other credit
    National Taiwan University Hospital

AmCAD-UO is ultrasound-based detection for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). While PSG diagnoses sleep disorder overnight, AmCAD-UO provides anatomical analysis for OSA detection for awake patients within 10 minutes, opening the door for immediate results at out-patient visits and clinics. With laser-guided auto-positioning and scanning, AmCAD-UO can precisely scan the upper airway and analyze the gap between normal breathing and Müller Maneuver models. AmCAD-UO system standardizes ultrasound transducer scanning to reduce intra-observer variations and make the assessment consistent.

Photo Credit: Amcad Biomed Corp.
Credits: National Taiwan University Hospital