2020 / / Professional

Rattan Chair of Zen

  • Company
    Wuyi University, China
  • Lead Designer
    Zhenyi Chen
  • Design Team
    Liang WenZe,LI guoshuai,Jiang Haixia,Chen xiaotong,Liang lvtong
  • University
    Wuyi University

The design is based on Intangible Cultural Heritage Rattan and Zen Culture. The styling elements of the Buddhist Zen chair are taken from the throne of Buddhist ancestors, as well as the traditional circle chair and drum stool. It breaks the balance in form and is full of tension. The traditional rattan weaving technique is adopted in the production process. Combining traditional Zen culture with traditional craftsmanship through indirect modeling and creative visual forms, and integrating into current life.

Photo Credit: Wuyi University