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2020 / / Professional

Multi-purpose Flat EV Platform - REEBoard

  • Company
    Ree Automotive, Israel
  • Lead Designer
    Amos Boaz
  • Design Team
    Ahishay Sardes, Rani Dekel, Tomer Segev, Amit Aknin, Eylon Avigur and Eran Starik
  • Client
    Automotive OEM, MaaS , Technology and Logistics companies
  • Project Link

REEboard is a fully-flat and modular electric vehicle platform. The concept design solves problems that the industry is facing: a lack of space for goods and extra batteries, freedom design, flexibility, and energy efficiency for mobility-as-a-service. This innovative platform is made possible through REEcorner technology which migrates traditionally clunky vehicle components into a small wheel-corner module. There are countless use-cases and potential designs for this EV technology: passenger services, delivery services, recycling management services, operation services, and retail services.

Photo Credit: Ree Automotive