2020 / / Professional


  • Company
    Lund'co Studio, France
  • Lead Designer
    Hilal Coskun Fagerlund

PARAVENTI is a collection of doublesided separator units including lighting, sound absorbtion for new generation workplaces.
The screen on lighting is made with biological coton and the sound absorbing separator is consist of wool with tinted metallic structure. Height, diameter 160 cm, width 170 cm.

Lund'Co is a design and artistic direction agency that offers solutions for different types of projects.By putting the human experience at the heart of its motivation, Lund'Co offers its multicultural design thinking techniques to create brand identities, products, events and spaces, brands premium and luxury.
Thanks to its interdisciplinary roots, Lund'Co has a unique way of seeing the whole journey from its first sketch to its last touch.

Photo Credit: Lund'co Studio