2020 / / Student

“BANG-BANG” exploding bead condom

  • Lead Designer
    BoFan Di
  • Design Team
    JiaChen Jiang,Junqi Fu,Zichun Li,Yan Xie,Chan Zhu,Jiayi Yao
  • University
    Changsha University of Science and Technology

BANG BANG exploding bead condom is a product with brittle capsule inside, which is more interesting, younger and propagandistic. When kneading and blasting, the lubricant inside the blasting bead will flow out, which will make the user feel more exciting, more cool and fragrant, and make both sides get more comfortable experience.From the experience of the advantages and benefits of lubricant to promote the sales of human body lubrication. From the appearance of packaging to how to use is a new and interesting way, open and open type packaging more decorative and secret.

Photo Credit: Bofan Di