2020 / / Professional

Sankao Coffee Table

  • Company
    HenkaLab, Spain
  • Lead Designer
    Pablo Vidiella
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  • Other credit
    Woodwork By: Roberto Vidiella And Pablo Vidiella
Sankao coffee table arises as an investigation of circular and cylindrical geometries. The purity of the original shape is altered through simple changes by conceptually pressing and stretching three points. By doing so, both structure and utility are solved maintaining the original essence, becoming a more complex and organic object. The choice of material had to fulfil a fundamental premise: to be a living material, with its own unique DNA and footprints. This material could not be other than solid wood. The construction and manufacturing equally combines technology and craftsmanship.

Pablo Vidiella is a Spanish architect and emerging designer, graduated in Architecture in Madrid EPS-CEU university 2013. After a few years of experience in a well-known architectural practice in London, where he approached technical and digital fabrication, he returned back home to explore creation boundaries as a personal challenge until today. His works have been internationally published in several media such as Rado, Architectural Digest AD, Arquitectura y diseño among others. Winner of the Rado Star Price 2018, he has participated in several collective exhibitions in Spain and Japan.

Other prizes
Winner Rado Star Prize Spain 2018 Gold Winner MUSE Design Awards 2020 Winner DNA Paris Design Awards 2020

Photo Credit: Henkalab
Credits: Woodwork by: Roberto Vidiella and Pablo Vidiella