2020 / / Professional

Digital Intelligent Elevator

  • Company
    Shenzhen Technology University, China
  • Lead Designer
    Liquan Li
  • Design Team
    Pengjiao Hai, Zhiming Lu, Donghan Zhong, Yingwen He, Shicun Wang, Jiatong Zhu
  • Other credit
    Product Images By: Liquan Li, Pengjiao Hai

According to a survey, the user often have the problem that they cannot access the elevator that is not overloaded while they are not aware at all that it is already overloaded. So we redesigned the elevator. The new design of Data Display System on the digital intelligent elevator shows how much of volume and load that are using , and it's built into the control panel of the elevator, so users can check the volume and load of elevator on real-time, they can as well check running situation of digital intelligent elevator through APP on mobile phone , to better their travel arrangement.

Photo Credit: Shenzhen Technology University
Credits: Product images by: Liquan Li, Pengjiao Hai