2020 / / Professional

GameShield- 9H Mobile Gaming Screen Protector

  • Company
    Right Group Ltd., Taiwan
  • Lead Designer
    Andy Lee
  • Design Team
    Connie Chen, Tony
  • Client
    Right Group Ltd.
  • Other credit
    Visual Creatives By Jason@bemuseful

Game Shield is a 9H Hardness Tempered Glass Screen Protector optimized for Mobile Gamers.

Using Advanced Etching Technology instead of spray paint coatings, it has an Ultra Low Surface Roughness of 0.0181μm that is 3X Smoother with Lower Sweat Friction, users can now swipe & touch with speed and precision for their games.

On top of that, it provides a 90% transmittance with lowered blue-light,Anti-Glare with Zero Red Sparkling, giving user prolonged viewing comfort with superb clarity.

GameShield can be made for iPhones, Android Phones, ROG II and other popular Gaming Smart Phones.

Photo Credit: Right Group Ltd.
Credits: Visual Creatives by Jason@BeMuseful