2020 / / Professional

Ke-Bot Hair Counting and Analysis Robot

  • Company
    Arman Design, Turkey
  • Lead Designer
    Murat Armagan
  • Design Team
    Murat Armagan, Ali Sahinkaya, Halit Ekici, İlteris Kaan Bahceci, Uğur Albayrak
  • Client
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Ke-bot is a vision based robotic system that makes standardized scientific evaluation of hair transplantation possible for the first time, and all without human interference. It performs pre-op and post-op analysis with accurate objective results, and suggests an ideal operation plan beyond the capabilities of prior methods . The robot allows a 100% head scan instead of just a 1% sample area, in only 1/20th of the time it would manually take. Ke-bot brings radical innovation to the sector as it addresses an unattended need, creates reliability and evolution in hair transplantation practice.

Photo Credit: Arman Design