2020 / / Professional


  • Company
    Sitta Sillería De Oficina S.L.L., Spain
  • Lead Designer
    Iñigo Zuluaga
  • Design Team
    Iñigo Zuluaga, Roberto Menéndez
  • Client
    Sitta Sillería De Oficina S.L.L.
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NEXO 24/7 model has been conceived for intensive use 24 hours/day 7 days/week and the ESD requirements.
This office chair offers exclusive features combining the task seating ergonomic design with the high level executive armchair extreme comfort.
The verified mechanics and the variety of elements to improve the chair comfort, such as viscoelastic foam, make NEXO 24/7 into the best choice for intensive jobs.
With ergonomic and biomecanic certification for 24 hours chairs, it has been designed for people of all sizes and its components are of proven quality and durability.

Designer in SITTA sillería de oficina S.L.L.

Photo Credit: Sitta Sillería De Oficina S.l.l.