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E-health solutions K Line Range

  • Company
    Sequoia-Studio, France
  • Lead Designer
  • Design Team
    Nicolas MELAN
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The objective was to define a qualitative product identity for the range, and design each of the solutions of the range, around the Carte Vitale (French e-health card) for medical professionals. K1 is a card reader, for the counters of pharmacies, and doctors’ offices. K2 is a tablet to provide information in pharmacies self-service, and to optimize the healthcare experience of seniors, and allow them to be in communication with their doctors, remotely. K3 is a portable version, used by visiting nurses, to allow them to establish administrative records related to the care of their patients.

Sequoia-studio is an industrial design agency of value creation founded in 2008 by Pascal Bardel and Nicolas Melan.
At Sequoia-studio, the job of industrial designer is to create value, to give meaning and relevance to your products. Our job is to understand your project scope and objectives. Our role is to help you create sustainable business thanks to more desirable products, stronger user experience, clearer and more impactful brand image and greater customer loyalty.

Other prizes
2017 : Silver Award of design M-JOY 2018 : TOP 100 of design DIA Design Intelligence Award 2019 : Most innovative design agency Lux Life

Photo Credit: Sequoia-studio