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Hektik Buddy

  • Company
    Hektik Cool Collectibles, Netherlands
  • Lead Designer
    Ursula Wurzinger
  • Design Team
    Ursula Wurzinger, Gaudi Hoedaya
  • Client
    Hektik Cool Collectibles
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  • Other credit
    Photo Of Baby Indy By @eev

In today's world when we have thousands of friends on social media, what is then the meaning of friendship. We can’t start early enough to learn what friendship is so we’ve created the hektik buddies for the newborns.

A hektik buddy is a cuddle cloth and a baby 1st experience of having a friend, someone who is there for you.. no matter being burped, pinched, bitten, dragged over the floor or drooled all over.. a buddy stays. #FriendshipMatters

Hektik products are being handmade with love in sheltered social workplace in Rotterdam. 

Design is not just about making things more useful nor just about making things more beautiful. It is about figuring out what is the right thing to make and how to do it right. Design is to bring the balance between the unknown, the revealed and the imaginative with the functional, the sustainable and the appealing. It is where a need finds an elegant solution.

Other prizes
A-Design Award 2016

Photo Credit: Hektik Cool Collectibles
Credits: Photo of baby Indy by @eev