2020 / / Professional

Rauk Heavy Tumbler

  • Company
    Serial Future Visions, Inc., United States
  • Lead Designer
    Sruli Recht
  • Client
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  • Other credit
    Photos By Marino Thorlacius

The Heavy Tumbler has been developed for whisky drinkers who prefer their spirit chilled. And for those who revel in the crafted cocktail, the tumbler features a core innovation: an array of extruded chevrons radiating from the inner base serve to provide friction points for gripping ingredients used in muddled drinks.

The entire surface of the tumbler, inside and out, is born in a single moment of machine-pressing the molten crystal into a complex five-part mold. The precision modeled base touches down on four crystal points, giving this very heavy heavy tumbler the appearance of floating.

Norlan is an international brand dedicated to modernizing the whisky drinking experience through design, science, and ritual.

Norlan is the first venture from Serial Future Visions, Inc., a hybrid design and research studio with a mission to investigate, conceptualize, develop and bring to fruition products, systems and services that are on the cusp of commercial feasibility and consumer or societal adoption.

Photo Credit: Serial Future Visions, Inc.
Credits: Photos by Marino Thorlacius