2019 / / Professional


  • Company
    Bram Kerkhofs Design Studio, Belgium
  • Lead Designer
    Bram Kerkhofs
  • Client
    Bram Kerkhofs Design Studio
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    Photo By Bram Kerkhofs

Nopper is a modular system for building cupboards, desks or combinations. The construction originated from research into building toys for children in which plastic blocks are provided with a large amount of regularly positioned studs on all sides with an intermediate space equal to the dimensions of the studs.
This principle has been simplified by attaching four or more studs above and below a shelf, clamping a loose leg between them. The studs can vary in three proportions. By playing with diameters, the entire system creates various possibilities into minimal of more baroque furniture.

Photo Credit: Bram Kerkhofs Design Studio
Credits: Photo by Bram Kerkhofs