2019 / / Student

Different Flower Pots

  • Lead Designer
    Jiachen Jiang,yuanyuan Tai,wenxuan Xu,mengyao Tian
  • University
    Changsha University Of Science And Technology

In today's society, more and more attention is paid to energy conservation and emission reduction. In China, the closer you get to the south, the wetter the air is. It is easy for bacteria to grow which may damage electrical appliances and corrode metal. In this case, there is a demand for people to own a moisture absorber at home. After working, the moisture absorber tends to leave a lot of water on the bottom. This is a key point. If we combine the moisture absorber with the flowerpot, then we can make full use of the water resource.

Photo Credit: Jiachen Jiang,yuanyuan Tai,wenxuan Xu,mengyao Tian