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  • Company
    Beck Kao, Taiwan
  • Lead Designer
    Cheng-wei(beck) Kao
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Inspired by complex structure within biological form such within a seahorse tail and aquatic life in general; Stomiiformes is a stress releasing, open-ended desktop toy which allows for physical play and mental creativity. By combining the separated module sections, user can sense the difference between fidgeting feeling and conscious feeling. Check out how to play at https://www.beckkao.com/stomiiformestoy

Beck Kao is an earth based industrial designer, engineer, comic book artist and a beer lover. If you also like funny craps, minimalism, 90s Hong-Kong movie, toy, photography or David Bowie. Welcome to contact with him!

Other prizes
-2019 A' Design Award Winner: Iron, Italy -2018 International Design Award: Silver Winner, USA -2011 Red Dot Award: Design Concept, Germany

Photo Credit: Beck Kao