2019 / / Student


  • Lead Designer
    Danielle Borg
  • University
    The One Off

LIEF is a dehumidifier designed to boost the well-being of its owner. The water collected is used to grow plants featured in the unit. Research is proving that even minimal amounts of nature can reduce the risk and reverse the effects of depression and anxiety. The plants featured on the product aim to reduce the felt impact of damp related stress by reducing toxicity levels of airborne chemicals. It simultaneously reduces the levels of moisture within the damp home to a safe level. Lief helps to restore the owner's mental state by gifting them with a natural environment to enjoy and admire.

A recent Product Design graduate from Bournemouth University. A naturally creative thinker, confident in devising new solutions to problem solve and not afraid to trail untraditional ideas and methods in aid of the bigger picture.

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Photo Credit: Danielle Borg